Welcome to the National Association of Professional Embalmers

We are a non-profit association where embalmers will find the support they need for the development of their professional careers.

Our main goals are struggling to achieve the social recognition our profession deserves and offering a humane service to relatives who are going through a difficult moment.

What are our goals ?

  • Channel and pursue a common interest,
  • fight for the recognition of our profession,
  • disseminate information about our job,
  • offer institutional support,
  • fight for equality in Spain, Europe and America for every embalmer,
  • offer continuous training to our members.

What is  Embalming. ?

Embalming is a discipline within the funerary sector, considered by embalmers as a craft.
We are professionals who work mainly for the families who want to pay their last homage to a loved person.

The job of an embalmer consists of preparing the body of the deceased, using the appropriate techniques of sanitization, preservation, reconstruction and make-up, with the aim of giving the body a natural look. Respecting strict sanitary rules, the body must be positioned according to the will of the family, because our work is geared towards their full satisfaction.


You can now join the National Association of Professional Embalmers. Members must pay a fee of €96* per year, divided in four quarterly payments of €24 each, which includes a public liability insurance policy. Send us your application to become a new member by filling in our online form.


*The price might be subject to further updates.


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